Shore Conference Wrestling

PLEASE NOTE: My new email address is I no longer use the old comcast address, so if you sent something there, and didn't hear back from me, that's the reason.

New site is up at

Moving forward, that will be the place for all the live updates, news, info, stats, rankings, etc. over the course of the regular season, while this site will basically become the history page. Still in the early phases of doing things (and learning) over there, so it's a work in progress, but better to give everyone the heads up now, I guess.

A heads up that it looks much better on desktops, laptops, and tablets than it does on cell phones. Then again, this site was becoming almost impossible to read on cell phones, so at least it's an upgrade.

Still A TON to do over there, but I hope you enjoy it once you (and I) get a little more familiar with it.


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