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at South Plainfield High School

TEAM CHAMPION: South Plainfield

120: Anthony White (South Plainfield) md. Ryan Gagliardi (Bishop Ahr)  17-4
126: David Loniewski (South Plainfield) p. Daniel Monahan (Princeton)  0:53
132: Thomas Fierro (South Plainfield) md. Trevor Mastorio (Sayreville)  11-2
138: Alec Bobchin (Princeton) md. Alex Amato (South Plainfield)  14-6
145: Joe Sacco (South Plainfield) md. Alec Meyers (Old Bridge)  10-2
152: Marc Giordano (South Plainfield) d. James Romaine (Princeton)  6-4
160: Sebastian Santos (South Plainfield) d. Elijah Ade-Festus (Sayreville)  8-4
170: Blake Clayton (St John Vianney) d. Divon Pender (South Plainfield)  2-1
182: Nnamdi James (Franklin) p. Mykhaylo Khalabudnyak (Sayreville)  4:34
195: Luke Niemeyer (South Plainfield) d. Savon Kirksey (Sayreville)  5-0
220: Zach DelVecchio (South Plainfield) p. Joseph Porcaro (Sayreville)  4:29
Hwt: Paul Liseno (St John Vianney) d. Marcus Estevez (Franklin)  14-9
106: Jacob DelVecchio (South Plainfield) p. Nicholas Diaz (St John Vianney)  5:09
113: Dean Peterson (St John Vianney) p. Dylan Acevado (Sayreville)  3:03

106: Vincent Nadera (Old Bridge) p. Luke Greenberg (Montgomery)  3:19
113: Jaden Williams (Franklin) tf.  Julian Irizarry (South Plainfield)  5:53 20-2
120: Darren Figueroa (Sayreville) by medical forfeit over Joseph Butler (St John Vianney)
126: Seth Rotondella (St John Vianney) tf. Max Greenberg (Montgomery) 4:00 17-2
132: Owen Disbrow (Bishop Ahr) p. Cesar Lopez (North Brunswick)  4:50
138: Francisco Vasquez (Franklin) p. Christian Deen-Jah (Sayreville)  0:58
145: Dominic Riendeau-Krause (Princeton) p. Diego Candelario (Sayreville)  3:10
152: Axel Lucero (North Brunswick) md. Sohaib Safri (Sayreville)  17-7
160: Alex Abrahamsen (Montgomery) p. Greg Palanco (Bishop Ahr)  2:00
170: Antonio Oneto (Sayreville) p. Freddy Ramirez (Bishop Ahr)  4:35
182: Brenden Hedden (South Plainfield) d. Oscar Santiago (Old Bridge)  3-2
195: Michael Espinal Grullon (Franklin) d. Dante Miranda (St John Vianney)  7-1
220: Jaden Duncan (St John Vianney) p. Tom Roarty (Bishop Ahr) 
285: Benedict Arthur (Sayreville) by forfeit over Julian Medina (South Plainfield)


Bishop Ahr Trojans
Franklin Twp Warriors
Montgomery Cougars
North Brunswick Raiders
Old Bridge Knights
Princeton Little Tigers
St John Vianney Lancers
Sayreville Bombers
South Plainfield Tigers

Defending Team Champion
Hunterdon Central (Now in District 18)
South Plainfield - 2018 District 14 Champions / St John Vianney - 2018 District 19 Champions

Returning Individual Champions
(Sr) Alec Bobchin (138 / D19) - Princeton  (2-time Champ)
(So) Dean Peterson (106 / D19) - St John Vianney
(So) Blake Clayton (152 / D19) - St John Vianney
(Sr) Paul Liseno (Hwt / D19) - St John Vianney  (2-time Champ)
(Sr) Trevor Mastorio (145 / D19) - Sayreville
(So) Anthony White (106 / D14) - South Plainfield
(Sr) David Loniewski (120 / D14) - South Plainfield  (2-time Champ)
(Sr) Thomas Fierro (132 / D14) - South Plainfield
(Sr) Alex Amato (138 / D14) - South Plainfield
(Sr) Marc Giordano (160 / D14) - South Plainfield
(Sr) Brenden Hedden (182 / D14) - South Plainfield
(Sr) Luke Niemeyer (195 / D14) - South Plainfield  (2-time Champ)
(Sr) Zach DelVecchio (220 / D14) - South Plainfield  (3-time Champ)

Shore Stuff
St John Vianney (39 District Champs - Last: 5 in 2018 / 1 Team Title - Last in 2018)
The Lancers bid for a 2nd consecutive District Team Title took a big blow with the move into a District with powerful South Plainfield. Still, the Lancers are going to rack up points from their studs here, and should be near the top of the team point standings. Paul Liseno will be bidding for his 3rd District Championship, while Dean Peterson and Blake Clayton aim for their 2nd in as many years. All three received #1 seeds. 

1: Peterson (113)  /  Clayton (170)  /  Liseno (Hwt)
2: Butler (120)
3: Rotondella (126)
4: Diaz (106)  /  Miranda (195)  /  Duncan (220)

Weight To Watch
132: The #1 seed, Thomas Fierro (South Plainfield) and #2 seed, Trevor Mastorio (Sayreville) were both District Champs and State Qualifiers last season. Each of the 3-5 seeds is a 20+ match winner. Also keep an eye on 106, where we should see a great semifinal between talented frosh #1 Jacob DelVecchio (South Plainfield) and #4 Nico Diaz (St John Vianney), and a sophomore battle between #2 Dylan Acevedo (Sayreville) and #3 Vincent Nadera (Old Bridge), who split a pair of 1-point bouts this season, provided there are no upsets in the quarters.

Team Title Prediction
Heavy-handed South Plainfield is loaded with senior talent that should easily out-point the field here. They are going to come awfully close to making the finals look like a South Plainfield vs D17 All-Stars dual. St John Vianney has several wrestlers that will rack up points that should give them enough to finish 2nd, with Sayreville on their heels.

Champions Prediction
106: Jacob DelVecchio (South Plainfield)
113: Dean Peterson (St John Vianney)
120: Anthony White (South Plainfield)
126: David Loniewski (South Plainfield)
132: Thomas Fierro (South Plainfield)
138: Alec Bobchin (Sayreville)
145: Joe Sacco (South Plainfield)
152: Marc Giordano (South Plainfield)
160: Sebastian Santos (South Plainfield)
170: Blake Clayton (St John Vianney)
182: Brenden Hedden (South Plainfield)
195: Luke Niemeyer (South Plainfield)
220: Zach DelVecchio (South Plainfield)
Hwt: Paul Liseno (St John Vianney)

I picked all top seeds :(

Advancement History
 Bishop Ahr Trojans
 Cristan Diaz

R5-PQ (113)

 Franklin Twp Warriors
 Marcus Estevez

NJ-WB2 (Hwt)

 Montgomery Cougars
 Max Greenberg 

R5-PQ (113)
 Joshua Perera

R5-PQ (170)

 North Brunswick Raiders


 Old Bridge Knights
 Vincent Nadera

R5-WB1 (106)
 Justin Gonzalez
R5-WB1 (145)
 Alec Meyers

R5-PQ (126)
R5-WB1 (138)
 Elijah Mack

R5-PQ (220)

 Princeton Tigers
 Daniel Monahan

R5-WB1 (120)
 Alec Bobchin
R5-PQ (120)
NJ-WB3 (126)
NJ-8th (138)

 St John Vianney Lancers
 Dean Peterson

NJ-2nd (106)
 Joseph Butler

R5-WB1 (113)
 Blake Clayton

R5-6th (152)
 Paul Liseno

R5-6th (Hwt)
R5-6th (Hwt)

 Sayreville Bombers
 Trevor Mastorio

R5-PQ (132)
NJ-WB1 (145)
 Elijah Ade-Festus

R5-PQ (160)
 Joseph Porcaro

R5-PQ (220)
 Benedict Arthur

R5-WB1 (Hwt)

 South Plainfield Tigers201620172018
 Thomas Fierro
D14-2nd (106)
NJ-WB1 (132)
 Alex Amato
NJ-WB1 (113)
R4-6th (138)
 Anthony White

NJ-WB4 (106)
 Joe SaccoR3-PQ (132)
NJ-WB4 (138)
NJ-WB2 (145)
 David Loniewski
R5-WB2 (106)
NJ-WB2 (120)
NJ-WB4 (120)
 Luke Niemeyer
NJ-WB2 (195)
NJ-5th (195)
 Zach DelVecchioNJ-7th (220)
NJ-4th (220)1st-D14 (220)
 Marc Giordano

R4-WB1 (160)
 Thomas Renna

R4-PQ (170)
 Brenden Hedden

R4-5th (182)