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at Middletown North High School

TEAM CHAMPION: Middletown North

106: Tyler Klinsky (Middletown North) md. Sam Nini (Allentown)  21-8
113: Joey Lamparelli (Allentown) d. Thomas O'Keefe (Middletown North)  9-3
120: Logan Waller (Colts Neck) d. Fred Luchs (Middletown North)  3-2
126: Nicholas Moldaver (Colts Neck) p. Jack Butler (Middletown North)  5:35
132: Sam La Corte (CBA) d. Nate Pujols (Middletown North)  4-3
138: Chris McCarthy (Middletown North) by forfeit over Mason Louderback (Notre Dame)
145: Luke Rada (Colts Neck) d. Matt Paglia (Allentown)  6-3
152: Nick Golden (Allentown) p. Tee Lormia (Trenton Central)  4:17
160: Aidan Meyler-McAuliffe (RBC) p. John Kuchar (Allentown)  1:58
170: Derek Smith (CBA) d. Kenneth Koenig (Colts Neck)  5-4 TB1
182: Michael Jannucci (Colts Neck) d. Nico Cerbo (Middletown North)  6-5
195: Jacob Anderson (Middletown North) d. Ryan Brazill (Bordentown)  2-0
220: Jajuan Hayes (Bordentown) d. Steven Cmielewski (RBC)  7-4
Hwt: Omar Santos (Notre Dame) d. Caleb Spaulding (Trenton Central)  3-2 UTB

106: Michael Lyristis (Colts Neck) p. Dominic Kolaski (Bordentown)  5:07
113: Colman Ermi (Bordentown) p. Eli Novoselov (Colts Neck)  1:07
120: Maximus Bean (CBA) md. Mason Bearce (Notre Dame)  10-1
126: Francisco Peralta (Trenton Central) md. Kolin O'Grady (Allentown)  12-2
132: Quameer Brown (Trenton Central) p. Bradford Zajac (Colts Neck)  6:46
138: Gino Giacolona (Allentown) md. Gabriel Menchu (Trenton Central)  14-0
145: Sammy Mazzella (Bordentown) d. Kyle Puzo (Middletown North)  6-4
152: Eddie Farrell (Middletown North) md. Sean Pedersen (Bordentown)  11-1
160: Michael Blotto (Notre Dame) p. Jayden Bryant (Bordentown)  3:19
170: Joe Levach (Bordentown) p. Jaylen Bynes (Notre Dame)  1:34
182: Te'amo Nazario (Trenton Central) d. Jason Baldorossi Jr. (Bordentown)  8-6
195: John Columbia (RBC) p. Declan McGagh (CBA)  3:32
220: Thomas Lidondici (Colts Neck) p. Daniel Schweitzer (Allentown)  1:02
Hwt: Oliver Lilly (Willingboro) p. Andrew Kanski (Middletown North)  4:51


Allentown Redbirds
Bordentown Scotties
BCIT Panthers
CBA Colts
Colts Neck Cougars
Middletown North Lions
Notre Dame Irish
Red Bank Catholic Caseys
Trenton Central Tornadoes
Willingboro Chimeras

Defending Team Champion
Howell (Now in D25)

Returning Individual Champions
(Jr) Joey Lamparelli (106 / D22) - Allentown  (2-time Champ)
(Sr) Jajuan Hayes (220 / D21) - Bordentown  (2-time Champ)
(Sr) Michael Jannucci (182 / D21) - Colts Neck  (2-time Champ)
(Jr) Tyler Klinsky (113 / D17) - Middletown North  (2-time Champ)
(Sr) Jacob Anderson (195 / D17) - Middletown North

Shore Stuff
CBA - (84 Champs - Last: Richie Koehler, Sam Houston, Cameron DiGiorgio in 2018  /  4 Team Titles - Last: 2016)
The Colts have a streak of 8 straight years with multiple District Champs on the line entering this year's tournament. With just one #1 seed, Sam LaCorte (132), the Colts will need someone to break seed and pull off an upset or two to keep that streak alive. The only other Colts in medal position seeds are #2 Derek Smith (170), and Max Bean (120) at #3.

1: LaCorte (132)
2: Smith (170)
3: Bean (120)

Colts Neck - (17 Champs - Last: Joey King & Michael Jannucci in 2018  /  0 Team Titles)
The Cougars won a share of their first ever Divisional title this season, and will now be in the hunt for the program's first ever District Team Title. Senior Michael Jannucci will attempt to become the program's first ever 3-time Champion. He'll have to do so from the #2 seed, as Nico Cerbo of Middletown North earned the top-seed at that weight due to a head to head win at the SCT. The Cougars' Logan Waller (120), Nicholas Moldaver (126), Luke Rada (145), and Kenneth Koenig (170) earned top seeds, tying CNeck with Middletown North for most top seeds.

1: Waller (120)  /  Moldaver (126)  /  Rada (145)  /  Koenig (170)
2: Jannucci  (182)
3: Lidondici (220)  /  Blaikie (Hwt)
4: Novoselov (113)  /  Zajac (132)

Middletown North - (142 Champs - Last: 4 in 2018  /  13 Team Titles - Last: 2002)
North, who has not won a District Team Title since back 2002, will be in the hunt to end that drought this year. The Lions are also looking to extend a streak of four straight seasons with multiple champs. With four top-seeds, Tyler Klinsky (106), Chris McCarthy (138), Nico Cerbo (182), and Jake Anderson (195), and some strong 2-seeds in Thomas O'Keefe (113), and Fred Luchs (120), the Lions should be able to continue that streak.

1: Klinsky (106)  /  McCarthy (138)  /  Cerbo (182)  /  Anderson (195)
2: O'Keefe (113)  / Luchs (120)
3: Pujols (132)

RBC - (29 Champs - Last: Shawn McCord in 2014  /  0 Team Titles)
The Caseys had a program high five District Medal Winners last season, three of those winners are back. RBC has not had a District Champ since Shawn McCord in 2014, and he was their first since 2001. Steven Cmielewski earned the top-seed at 220. Barring any upsets, he would meet #2 seed Jajuan Hayes of Bordentown, a 2-time State qualifier, in the finals. The only other top 3 seed for the Caseys is John Columbia, who received the 3-seed at 195.

1: Cmielewski (220)
3: Columbia (195)
4: Meer (145)  /  Meyler-McAuiliffe (170)

Weight To Watch
170: The top 4 seeds here are all previous Region qualifiers. There's three tickets to the Regions available. Someone's not making a return trip.

Team Title Prediction
Colts Neck and Middletown North, who both shared a piece of the B-North crown with Ocean Twp, are the favorites here, but do not count out Allentown to make a run, as they have some strong talent that will accumulate a good share of points, they just might not have enough scoring elsewhere to hang with North and CNeck.  Again, this is another Team Title race that should be close enough that an upset or two in the quarters could really shake things up, but I think North takes this by virtue of advancing the greater number of wrestlers through to the Regions. It should be VERY close though. 

Champions Prediction
106: Tyler Klinsky (Middletown North)
113: Joey Lamparelli (Allentown)
120: Fred Luchs (Middletown North)
126: Nicholas Moldaver (Colts Neck)
132: Sam LaCorte (CBA)
138: Gino Giacolona (Allentown)
145: Luke Rada (Colts Neck)
152: Nick Golden (Allentown)
160: John Kuchar (Allentown)
170: Kenneth Koenig (Colts Neck)
182: Nico Cerbo (Middletown North)
195: Jacob Anderson (Middletown North)
220: Jajuan Hayes (Bordentown)
Hwt: Omar Santos (Notre Dame)

Advancement History
 Allentown Redbirds 2016 2017 2018
 Joey Lamparelli
NJ-WB3 (106)
NJ-WB4 (106)
 Matt Paglia
R6-PQ (126)
R6-PQ (138)
 Sebastian Nini

R6-PQ (113)
 Nicholas Golden

R6-PQ (132)
 Nicholas Campbell
R6-PQ (182)
 Harrison Hill
R6-PQ (Hwt)
 Drew Romein

R6-PQ (138)

 Bordentown Scotties
 Joe Levach

R6-PQ (160)
R6-WB1 (170)
 Ryan Brazill

R6-PQ (195)
NJ-WB1 (195)
 Jajuan Hayes

NJ-WB1 (220)
NJ-WB2 (220)

 BCIT Panthers 2016 2017 2018

 CBA Colts 2016 2017 2018
 Sam LaCorte
R6-WB1 (126)
R6-WB1 (132)
 Derek Smith

R6-PQ (160)
R6-6th (170)
 Max Bean

R6-PQ (113)

 Colts Neck Cougars
 Logan Waller 

R6-6th (106)
 Kenneth Koenig

R6-PQ (170)
 Michael Jannucci

R6-WB1 (182)
R6-WB1 (182)
 Luke Rada
NJ-WB1 (113)

 Middletown North Lions
 Tyler Klinsky

NJ-WB2 (106)
NJ-WB3 (113)
 Freddy Luchs

NJ-WB1 (113)
R5-6th (120)
 Thomas O'Keefe

R5-6th (106)
 Nate Pujols

  R5-PQ (126)
 Nico Cerbo

R5-PQ (160)
 Jacob Anderson

NJ-WB4 (195)

 Notre Dame Irish 2016 2017 2018


 Red Bank Catholic Caseys 2016 2017 2018
 Steven Cmielewski
R6-PQ (170)
R6-6th (195)
 Aidan Meyler-McAuliffe

R6-PQ (160)
 John Columbia

R6-PQ (182)

 Trenton Central Tornadoes

 Willingboro Chimeras 2016 2017 2018