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at Pt Pleasant Boro


152: Spencer Robinson (Pt Boro) tf. Jack Milazzo (Robbinsville)  4:09 16-0
160: Jack Friedman (Long Branch) d. James Ball (Burlington City)  6-4
170: Garrett Bilgrav (Robbinsville) p. Felipe Garcia (Neptune)  2:40
182: Jason Sherlock (Pt Beach) p. Dante Morris (Lakewood)  2:37
195: Liam Buday (Pt Beach) d. Scott Franceschini (Pt Boro)  7-3
220: Billy Borowsky (Pt Boro) d. Tracey Taylor (Long Branch)  3-0
Hwt: Kevin Cerruti (Long Branch) p. Mateo Cruz (Robbinsville)  1:09
106: Shailen Savur (Robbinsville) d. Dylan Kelleher (Long Branch)  7-5
113: Joseph Conlon (Long Branch) d. Nick Torre (Pt Boro)  7-5
120: Drake Torrington (Robbinsville) md. Kip Lovgren (Pt Beach)  10-2
126: Ryan Zimmerman (Long Branch) p. Riley Simon (Pt Beach)  2:40
132:  Jesse Bowers (Pt Beach) d. Kether Thornton (Hightstown)  5-4
138: Jack Bailey (Pt Boro) p. Ryan Kanner (Robbinsville)  2:25
145: Ty Bailey (Pt Boro) p. Ryan Carey (Long Branch)  1:53

152: Dmytro Lakusta (Lakewood) md. Nicodemus Leaver (Hightstown)  11-2
160: Alex Stavrou (Hightstown) d. Antonio Cummings (Lakewood)  3-1
170: George Kaiafas (Pt Beach) d. Gustavo Limon (Lakewood)  10-9
182: Najiere Hutchinson (Neptune) d. Brandon Redondo (Steinert)  6-5
195: La'Qym Morris (Long Branch) d. Savion Cooper (Steinert)  3-2
220: Ameir Pittman (Burlington City) md. Christopher DeSopo (Neptune)  12-4
Hwt: Thomas Wasylenko (Steinert) d. Alex Nappi (St Rose)  4-1
106: Robert Fattore (Hightstown) d. Lucas Toree (Pt Boro)  8-2
113: Jonah Bowers (Pt Beach) by forfeit over Salvatore Famularo (Steinert)
120: Rey Guzman (Long Branch) d. James Latendorf (Pt Boro)  5-3 SV
126: Nathaniel Levie (Neptune) p. Anthony Verdi (Steinert)  1:55
132: Vincent Truong (Robbinsville) p. Stiviny Silva (Long Branch)  5:39
138: Steven Pabone (Long Branch) p. Daniel Brewton (Neptune)  3:05
145: Jason Schulz (Pt Beach) p. Miguel Arenas (Lakewood)  3:04


Burlington City Blue Devils
Hightstown Rams
Lakewood Piners
Long Branch Green Wave
Neptune Scarlet Fliers
Pt Beach Gulls
Pt Boro Panthers
Robbinsville Ravens
St Rose Purple Roses
Steinert Spartans

Defending Team Champion
Long Branch Green Wave
Pt Boro - D21 Champs

Returning Individual Champions
(Sr) Dante Morris (220 / D23) - Lakewood
(Jr) Ryan Carey (138 / D23) - Long Branch
(Sr) Spencer Robinson (145 / D21) - Pt Boro
(Sr) Garrett Bilgrav (160 / D22) - Robbinsville  (2-time Champ)

Shore Stuff
Lakewood - (48 Champs - Last: Dante Morris in 2018  /  2 Team Titles - Last: 1968)
Dante Morris, who last season became the program's first District Champ since David Jusino in 2010, will now attempt to become the first Piner to win back to back District Titles since Matt Rizzo in 2005. He will attempt to do so as the #1 seed at 182. Also receiving a top-seed for Lakewood  was Antonio Cummings at 160. If the seeds hold and Morris and Cummings can win their brackets, it would be the first time the Piners have multiple champs at the Districts since 2004 when Matt Rizzo and current Piner head coach Oscar Orellana won titles.

1: Cummings (160)  /  Morris (182)
3: Lakusta (152)
4: Limon (170)  /  Gonzalez (195)  /  Rybakowski

Long Branch - (138 Champs - Last: Chris Dean, Ryan Carey, Dan Santos-Silva, Pete Wersinger in 2018  /  12 Team Titles - Last: 2018)
Senior heavyweight, and returning State Medailst, Kevin Cerruti, and junior Ryan Zimmerman, who enters the Districts needing just one win to reach 100 career victories, are in search of their first District Titles, and are LB's two #1 seeds. They lead a strong group, that includes returning champ Ryan Carey (145), Steve Pabone (138), and Tracey Taylor (220), as 2-seeds, and 3-seeds Joe Conlon (113), Rey Guzman (120), La'Qym Morris (195) that puts the Green Wave as one of the favorites to win their 3rd straight D23 Team Title.

1: Zimmerman (126)  /  Cerruti (Hwt)
2: Pabone (138)  /  Carey (145)  /  Taylor (220)
3: Conlon (113)  /  Guzman (120)  /  Morris (195)
4: Silva (132)

Neptune - (72 Champs - Last: Nick Faber in 2017  /  6 Team Titles - Last: 1986)
The Fliers will have a tough time crowning just their 2nd champ since 2013, but they do have a legit sleeper in Naijere Hutchinson out of the 5-seed at 182. Daniel Brewton, a D24 medal winner last season at RBC, is the 4th-seed at 138, and Chris DeSopo, who medaled as a sophomore, is the 4-seed at 220 after competing at heavyweight all season. The highest seeds for the Fliers are Nate Levie (126) and Felipe Garcia (170), who were both seeded 3rd. They're among the contenders to medal for the Fliers as they look to push multiple wrestlers on to the Regions. 

3: Levie (126)  /  Garcia  (170)
4: Brewton (138)  /  DeSopo (220)

Pt Beach - (34 Champs - Last: Roddy Rupp & Jack Baker in 2017  /  0 Team Titles)
The Gulls did not have a champion last season, but have several contenders to reach the top of the podium this year. Liam Buday (195) is the lone top seed for the Gulls, while five individuals: Kip Lovgren (120), Riley Simon (126), Jesse Bowers (132), George Kaiafas (170), and Jason Sherlock (182), received 2nd-seeds. 

1: Buday (195)
2: Lovgren (120)  /  Simon (126)  /  Bowers (132)  /  Kaiafas (170)  /  Sherlock (182)
3: Schulz (145)

Pt Boro - (96 Champs - Last: Ben Sabo, Spencer Robinson, Francis Marshall, Anthony Bonavito in 2018  /  5 Team Titles - Last: 2018)
The Panthers won the D21 Team Title, and figure to once again be in the mix for a title in their new home of D23. Fun Fact on the Panthers District Team Titles, the first four came in back-to-back fashion (1987-1988, 1990-1991) do they keep that trend alive? Undefeated Billy Borowsky will be looking to win his 2nd District Title after finishing 2nd in D21 last season. 3-time medalist and 2-time AC qualifier Spencer Robinson will also be looking for his 2nd Title. If either, or both, are successful, they will be the Panthers first 2-time Champs since Dan Nobbs, who ended up a 3-timer. They are two of the Panthers' four #1 seeds that also includes Nick Torre (113) and Ty Bailey (145). Also earning medal seeds for the Panthers were #2 Scott Franceschini (195), and 3-seeds Jack Bailey (138) and Josh Henderson (Hwt).

1: N Torre (113)  /  T Bailey (145)  /  Robinson (152)  /  Borowsky (220)
2: Franceschini (195)
3: J Bailey (138)  /  Henderson (Hwt)
4: L Torre (106)  /  Latendorf  (120)

St Rose - (1 Champ - Last: Caccamise in 1992 / 0 Team Titles)
The Purple Roses have had just one District Champ in their history. The odds are against them ending that drought this year, but they will hope to try and reach the podium with their three highest seeds 4-seed Evan Peeke (160), 5-seed Michael Jarmer (170), and 6-seed Alex Nappi (Hwt), who led the team in wins.

4: Peeke (160)

Weight To Watch
While you can make an argument for 182, with five 20+ match winners, I'll go with what looks to be the most wide open weight class here in 160. Lots of contenders here, but I think you have to keep an eye on LB's Jack Friedman out of the 5-seed who has wrestled a real tough slate that could have him primed for a strong post-season run.

Team Title Prediction
This would appear to be a two team race between Long Branch and Pt Boro, but Robbinsville and Pt Beach should keep it close with several guys capable of racking up points. Back and forth on this one, but I'm going to go with Pt Boro here.

Champions Prediction
106: Shailen Savor (Robbinsville)
113: Nick Torre (Pt Boro)
120: Drake Torrington (Robbinsville)
126: Ryan Zimmerman (Long Branch)
132: Jesse Bowers (Pt Beach)
138: Jack Bailey (Pt Boro)
145: Ty Bailey (Pt Boro)
152: Spencer Robinson (Pt Boro)
160: Jack Friedman (Long Branch)
170: Garrett Bilgrav (Robbinsville)
182: Jason Sherlock (Pt Beach)
195: Liam Buday (Pt Beach)
220: Billy Borowsky (Pt Boro)
Hwt: Kevin Cerruti (Long Branch)

Advancement History
 Burlington City Blue Devils

 Hightstown Rams 2016 2017 2018
 Kether Thornton

  R6-PQ (126)


 Lakewood Piners 2016 2017 2018
 Dante Morris

NJ-WB2 (220)

 Long Branch Green Wave 2016 2017 2018
 Ryan Zimmerman
NJ-WB2 (106)
NJ-WB2 (113)
 Rey Guzman
R6-PQ (113)
R6-WB1 (120)
 Ryan Carey
    R6-6th (138)
 Luke Arnold
R6-5th (145)
 Kevin Cerruti

NJ-WB1 (Hwt)
NJ-7th (Hwt)

 Neptune Scarlet Fliers 2016 2017 2018
 Christopher Desopo
D22-3rd (220)
 Daniel Brewton

R6-PQ (126)

 Pt Pleasant Beach Garnet Gulls 2016 2017 2018
 Kip Lovgren

R6-PQ (106)
 Jesse Bowers
R6-PQ (120)
R6-WB1 (132)
 Riley Simon

R6-WB1 (120)
 Jason Sherlock

R6-PQ (160)
 Liam Buday

R6-PQ (195)
 Santino Giampa

R6-PQ (220)

 Pt Pleasant Boro Panthers
 Spencer Robinson
R6-PQ (126)
NJ-WB1 (138)
NJ-WB1 (145)
 Nick Torre

R6-PQ (106)
 Jack Bailey
R6-PQ (120)
 Ty Bailey

NJ-WB1 (138)
 Billy Borowsky
R6-PQ (195)
R6-WB1 (195)
NJ-WB1 (195)

 Robbinsville Ravens 2016 2017 2018
 Garrett Bilgrav R7-WB1 (132)
NJ-WB4 (145)
NJ-WB4 (160)
 Shailen Savur

  R6-PQ (106)
 Drake Torrington
    R6-WB1 (113)
 Jack Milazzo R7-PQ (138)
  R6-WB1 (152)
 Ryan Kanner

R6-PQ (126)

 St. Rose Purple Roses 2016 2017 2018

 Steinert Spartans 2016 2017 2018
 Thomas Wasylenko

R6-PQ (Hwt)