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#3 Manville  @  #1 Pt Beach

Manville Mustangs (19-5)
Conference: Skyland Conference
District 19  /  Region 5
Sectional Titles: 4 (Last: CJG1 in 1994)
Last Sectional Finals Appearance: 2017 (Lost in CJG1 Finals to Pt Beach)

Shore Conference Opponents: Holmdel (L 30-44) /  Monmouth (W 48-31)  /  Shore (W 36-34)

How They Got Here: QF - New Egypt (65-7)  /  SF - Shore (36-34)

Pt Pleasant Beach Gulls (17-4)
Sectional Titles: 3 (Last - 2018)
Last Sectional Finals Appearance: 2019 (Lost in CJG1 Finals to Shore Regional)

How They Got Here: QF - Highland Park (58-18)  /  SF - Spotswood (44-24)

After back-to-back seasons of Shore Regional vs. Pt Beach in the CJG1 Finals, Manville edged the Blue Devils in the semis to make their first appearance in the CJG1 Finals since 2017. It was the 500th win all-time for the program. The Mustangs are quite familiar with February matches with Beach, having lost to the Gulls in the postseason in 3 of the last 4 seasons, including losses in the finals in 2017 and 2016. 

Beach is making their 7th consecutive CJG1 Finals appearance. All three of the program's Sectional Titles came in the run from 2016-2018. They always have great depth and numbers for a CJG1, and this year has been no different. It is also a a very experienced group, as they have the ability to hit you with a run of tested upperclassmen from 132-Hwt. 

In the Mustangs win over Shore Regional, they seemed to be able to get their better wrestlers away from the hammers in the Blue Devils' lineup, which turned out to be the difference. It could be a little different here as the Gulls have a bit more balance and depth which will limit the Mustangs ability to avoid some of those unfavorable matchups. If Beach wins the toss, it could cause even further problems.

Despo: Pt Beach
Anonymous: Pt Beach

Possible Matchups
 Manville Mustangs
WGT Pt Beach Gulls
 (So) Nick Lombardini  (9-14)
 (So) Teddy Jarahian  (14-13)
 (Fr) Brandon Rivera  (14-17)113
 (So) Michael Storino  (5-12)
 (Jr) Ethan Burlew  (21-11)120
 (So) Rowan McLoughlin  (3-7)
 (So) Brandon Flores  (25-7 / R5-PQ)126
 (Jr) Riley Simon  (21-6 / R6-6th)
 (Jr) Nick Colombaroni  (22-9)132
 (So) Jonah Bowers  (5-8)
 (Fr) Danny Wildgoose  (5-9)138
 (Jr) Kip Lovgren  (18-8 / R6-WB1)
 (So) Jacob Reilly  (24-8)145
 (Sr) Jesse Bowers  (26-2 / NJ-WB1)
 (Jr) Jack Lombardino  (21-11 / R5-PQ)152
 (Jr) Jason Schulz  (18-6 / R6-PQ)
 (Jr) Richie Sonnenberg  (11-9)160
 (Sr) Jared Kerr  (18-6)
 (Sr) Shane Lallkissoon  (28-4 / R5-PQ)170
 (Jr) George Kaiafas (17-5 / D23-3rd)
 (Sr) Alex Abarca  (28-4 / R5-5th)182
 (Sr) Jason Sherlock  (28-3 / NJ-WB2)
 (Jr) Enoc Rios  (17-14)195
 (Jr) Joshua Ramos  (16-9)
 (Fr) Geoffrey Mathis  (3-10)220
 (Sr) Liam Buday  (20-4 / R6-6th)
 (Sr) Joey Wildgoose  (10-17)Hwt
 (Sr) Noah Ramos  (10-9)