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#2 Donovan Catholic  @  #1 Camden Catholic

Donovan Catholic Griffins (12-8)
Sectional Titles: 0
Previous Sectional Finals Appearance: 2018 (Lost in SJNPB Semis to Holy Spirit)

How They Got Here: SF - Holy Spirit (37-36)

Camden Catholic Irish  (19-2)
Conference: Olympic Conference
District 25  /  Region 7
Sectional Titles: 24 (Last: SJNPB - 2019)

How They Got Here: SF - St Rose (84-0)

The Griffins finally got the monkey off their back by defeating a Holy Spirit team in the semifinals that had eliminated from the postseason in each of the past three years. As a result, they make the trip to Cherry Hill where they face the 24-time Sectional Champion, Camden Catholic Irish. Much like CBA heading to St Augustine, DC will find themselves as heavy underdogs to the Irish who are currently ranked #3 in NJ. They're looking forward to the opportunity to take in the environment of a Camden Catholic home match (Cue The Bagpipes!) and for the chance to scrap against some of the state's top wrestlers, which will hopefully sharpen the iron for some of the individuals with eyes on deep, postseason runs, especially sophomore heavy Dom Brogna potentially matching up against CC's Hunter Suter, a State Qualifier at Buena in 2018.

Despo: Camden Catholic
AnonymousL Camden Catholic

Possible Matchups
 Donovan Catholic Griffins
WGT Camden Catholic
 (So) Joe Benesch  (13-12)106
 (Fr) Wayne Rold  (20-9)
 (Fr) Dennis Kapulka  (3-5)113
 (So) Ryan Ladner  (9-5)
 (Jr) Nicholas DiGiantomasso  (20-6)120
 (So) Chase Casey  (25-5 / R7-WB1)
 (Sr) Cael Rankin  (17-6 / NJ-WB1 in '18)126
 (Jr) Danny McKennon  (13-6)
 (Sr) Jacob Maroukis  (20-7 / D28-2nd)132
 (Sr) Ellery Perfect  (15-7 / 
 (So) Steve Morro  (9-11)138
 (So) Branden Clark  (12-3)
 (Sr) Chris Gallegos  (22-7)145
 (Sr) Cody Walsh  (21-9 / NJ-WB3)
 (Sr) Dominic Tangredi  (5-8)152
 (Sr) Brandon Mooney  (26-4 / NJ-5th) 
 (So) Harrison Fodor  (0-15)160
 (Sr) Dante Monaco  (24-6 / NJ-WB2 in /18)
 (So) Noah Bakos  (3-8)170
 (Sr) Harrison Hinojosa  (24-6 / NJ-WB3)
 (So) Andrew Gallegos  (9-13)182
 (Jr) Austin Raynor  (24-6 / R7-WB1)
 (So) Levi Wilkins  (17-7)195
 (Fr) Jonathan Murff  (19-4)
 (Sr) Luke Barlet  (16-7)220
 (So) Martin Cosgrove  (27-1 / NJ-3rd)
 (So) Dom Brogna  (22-3 / R7-PQ)Hwt
 (Jr) Hunter Suter  (23-1 / NJ-WB1 in '18)