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#2 Delsea  @  #1 Lacey

Delsea Crusaders (14-10)
Conference: Tri-County Conference
District 30  /  Region 8
Sectional Titles: 17 (Last - SJG3 in 2019)
Previous Sectional Finals Appearance: SJG3 Champs in 2019

Shore Conference Opponents: Brick Memorial (L 16-60)  /  TR North (L 9-55)  /  TR East (L 33-34)  /  CBA (W 36-34)

Lacey Lions (17-6)
Sectional Titles: 0
Last Sectional Finals Appearance: 2019 (Lost in SJG3 Finals to Delsea

How They Got Here: QF - Lakewood (72-3)  /  SF - Seneca (45-24)

Previous Meeting: 2019 SJG3 Finals: Delsea L (22-38)

Delsea has won 9 consecutive Sectional Titles, including the last 5 SJG3 Titles. They have knocked Lacey out of the postseason in each of the last three seasons, including the last two SJG3 Finals. This has been a bit of a "down" year for them compared to their usual regular season success, and they have been on the wrong end of a few lopsided losses this year, including a pair to Brick Memorial and TR North, which does not happen too often. Still, when you win 9 Sectional Titles in a row, you're the top dog until someone takes you down.

The Lions have had some close calls against the Crusaders in the postseason over the last few years, but just haven't been able to solve them yet. The lineup is obviously a lot better with Brady Carter, a State Qualifier, in it. He returned in the semifinals and produced a 9-second pin. Having him at 113 is huge for the Lions as it gives them a chance to get him on Delsea's talented freshman, Alexander Zimmerman. 

Lacey has never won a Sectional Title, and one would think this is as great a shot as they've had at finally getting one, especially at home. Bonus could be huge here, as there does appear to be some opportunities to rack up some points, so both teams must grab them when they can. It will be interesting to see what happens down low. Delsea has forfeited at 106 for much of the year, and while Lacey probably wants that Carter/Zimmerman match, the option is on the table to insert Aidan Ott at 106, and bump the lowerweights. Should be interesting to see how that plays out.

Despo: Lacey
Anonymous: Delsea

Possible Matchups
 Delsea Crusaders
WGT Lacey Lions
 (Fr) Hunter Connell  (2-0)106
 (So) Mason Heck  (18-7)
 (Fr) Alexander Zimmerman  (21-10)113
 (So) Brady Carter  (4-0 / NJ-WB2)
 (Fr) Giovanni DeGeorge  (16-14)120
 (So) Andre Ferraiuolo  (21-7)
 (Fr) T Derenberger (11-11) / (So) Pierre Stokes (7-10)126
 (Jr) Vinnie Fantasia  (12-13)
 (Sr) Travis Griffith  (12-11)132
 (Jr) Collin Rolak  (25-6 / R7-WB1)
 (So) Marius Fennal  (16-14)138
 (So) Tyler Santana  (4-14)
 (Sr) Tim Spatola  (25-5 / NJ-8th)145
 (So) Justin Cilento  (5-13)
 (Fr) Jared Schoppe  (26-6)152
 (Fr) Matt Coon  (11-10)
 (Jr) Asa Walton  (25-5 / R8-6th)160
 (Sr) Logan Carter  (15-6)
 (Sr) Justin Dougherty  (20-9)170
 (Sr) Jackson Brandt  (27-4 / R7-PQ)
 (Jr) Pierce Lightfoot  (13-10)182
 (Jr) Mark Aguire  (3-6)
 (So) Cade Berardelli  (12-16)195
 (Jr) Vin Ceglie  (29-2 / NJ-WB1)
 (Jr) Matt Kratzer (13-12) / (So) Julian Bellis (3-18)220
 (Jr) Gerard O'Connor  (21-4)
 (Sr) Tygen Johnson  (6-7)Hwt
 (So) Scott Stevens  (17-6)