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#3 Southern  @  #1 Howell

Southern Regional Rams (17-1)
Sectional Titles: 12 (Last: 2019 - SJG5)
Last Sectional Finals Appearance: 2019 - SJG5 Champs

How They Got here: QF - Washington Twp (55-11)  /  SF - TR North (35-26)

Howell Rebels (24-1)
Sectional Titles: 4 (Last: CJG5 - 2018)
Last Sectional Finals Appearance: 2019 (Lost in SJG5 Finals to Southern)

Howell Fun Fact: QF - Lenape (66-9)  /  SF - Williamstown (43-30)

Previous Meeting: 2019 SJG5 Finals - Southern W (30-28)

At match time, it will have been 371 days since the last time these two teams met in last year's classic 30-28 Southern win in the SJG5 Finals, in what many viewed as the de facto Group 5 Championship match. That may just be the same case this season, as the SJG5 winner has been expected to be the heavy favorite in Toms River on Sunday pretty much since 5 minutes after last year's tournament ended. And, of course, this one is also going to determine the #1 team in the Shore Conference this season.

Really not much else to say. We know how good both teams are. We know how good the matches usually are between the two of them. We know the atmosphere will be electric. And on, and on... Let's enjoy.

Despo: Southern
Anonymous: Howell

  Possible Matchups
 Southern Regional Rams
WGT Howell Rebels
 (Fr) Conor Collins  (27-2)106
 (Sr) Ethan Liptzin  (18-5 / NJ-WB3)
 (So) Pat Iacoves  (14-9)113
 (Fr) Colin Bradshaw  (25-6)
 (Sr) Jayson Scerbo  (17-7 / NJ-WB3)120
 (Jr) Kyle Nase  (24-8)
 (Fr) Nick Bennet  (15-13)126
 (Jr) Neiko Malone  (27-5 / NJ-WB1)
 (Jr) Eddie Hummel  (25-0 / NJ-6th)132
 (Jr) James McGee  (9-11)
 (Jr) Matt Brielmeier  (20-7 / R8-WB1)138
 (Fr) Isaiah Fenton  (12-6)
 (Sr) Jason Sari  (6-9)145
 (So) Nick Acque  (18-11)
 (Fr) Cole Velardi  (24-3)152
 (Sr) Paul Jakub  (27-5 / NJ-WB2)
 (Sr) Robert Woodcock  (27-1 / NJ-WB2)160
 (So) JT Goodman  (10-5)
 (So) Brock Lefkus  (9-5)170
 (Sr) Shane Reitsma  (31-1 / NJ-2nd)
 (Sr) Ben LoParo  (16-3 / R8-WB1)182
 (Jr) Nick Cerulli  (21-9)
 (Jr) Stephen Jennings  (18-9)195
 (Jr) Hunter Lino  (18-14)
 (Sr) JT Cornelius  (25-2 / NJ-WB3)220
 (Sr) George Ibram  (7-10)
 (Sr) Jayden Smith  (4-2)Hwt
 (Sr) Justin Wright  (29-3 / R6-WB1)