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DISTRICT 32 @ Williamstown



Quarters: 10:00am
Semis: 1:30pm
3RD/Finals: 4:30pm

Teams: Barnegat, Buena, Clayton, Cumberland, Hammonton, Oakcrest, St Augustine, St Joseph's (Hammonton), Williamstown, Winslow

106: (Fr) Jacob Reinhold - 9th Seed (7-18)
Reinhold opens up in the prelims looking to avenge a pinfall loss to #8 Ryan Bender of Williamstown.

113: (Jr) Sean Foley - Top Seed (26-3)
Foley was the 3rd-place finisher in D24 in 2016, and gets the top seed in what is a pretty deep weight. Foley opens with the winner of the 8/9 prelim, should he get by that one as expected, he'll face the winner of #4 Dan Wooton (19-13) of Buena vs. #5 David Iuliucci (23-8) of St Joseph's. 

120: (Fr) Michael DiPianta - 7th Seed (11-13)
DiPianta will face #2 George Coleman (20-12) of St Augustine ,the D32 champion at 106 last season, in his opening bout. The winner will most likely face #3 Junior LaPortez of Buena, the D31 champ at 113 in 2016.

126: (Fr) Mason Bayer - 8th Seed (4-10)
Bayer opens up in the prelims with #9 Jason Guerrara of St Joseph's. The winner will face top-seeded Connor Kraus of St Augustine, who placed 2nd in D32 and 4th in R8 last season.

132: No Entrant

138: No Entrant

145: (Sr) Ricky Balas - 8th Seed (4-15)
Balas will face #9 Pa Joof (4-18) of Winslow in the prelims. The winner moves on to the quarters to face #1 Timothy Suter of Buena, a D31 champ and 3rd place finisher at R8 in 2016.

152: (Jr) Nick Paccione - 6th Seed (8-21)
Paccione opens up with the 3rd-seeded Biran McCarty of Hammonton who defeated him by fall earlier this season. The winner of this bout most likely gets #2 Ricky King of Buena, a 3rd place finisher in D31 last season.

160: (So) Charles Cotton - 4th Seed (17-11)
The 4th-seeded Cotton will open up in the quarters with #5 Josepg Colon of St Augustine. The winner of that one will get #1 Jake Maxwell of Buena, a 6th place finisher in the state in 2015.

170: (So) Niam Dakno - 9th Seed (3-21)
Dakno will open with #8 Alfredo Hernandez of Cumberland in the prelims. The winner gets #1 Charles McCall of Winslow, the D30 champion at 160 last season.

182: (So) Noah Mattiello - 8th Seed (5-15)
Mattiello faces #9 Dominic Grasso of St Joseph's in the prelims. The winner gets #1 Connor Murray (23-8) of St Augustine, who placed 3rd in D32 last season.

195: (Jr) Juan Abraham - 5th Seed (16-7)
Abraham will open in the 4/5 bout against #4 Keevon Berry of Oakcrest. The winner gets the #1 seed, Sean Lenzsch (12-4) of St Augustine. 

220: (So) Peter Jennings - 6th Seed (15-12)
Jennings will face the #3 seed Ryan Lynd (27-5) of St Augustine in the quarterfinals. Barring an upset, the winner will face #2 Timothy Miles (28-4) of Winslow in the semis.

Hwt: (So) Joseph Lauer - 7th Seed (11-12)
Lauer is slated to face the 2nd-seeded Bryce Dunn of Cumberland in his opening bout.