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Rumson Bulldogs  (8-3)  at  Middletown North Lions  (5-4)

A very interesting dual between the rising Bulldogs of Rumson, who are searching for that big Shore Conference win after a couple of close calls against Lacey and Raritan, while the Lions are looking to defend their home turf and avoid dropping to .500.

The strength of North's lineup is down low. They have a good bulk of their talent, and their most depth here. It's very likely the Lions use that depth and insert Lucas Santos into 106 where Rumson has forfeited all but once to bump their hammers down low. If that's how things play out, the Lions are going to be enormous favorites from 106-126, and will be looking to rack up as much bonus as possible.

The Bulldogs have ranked wrestlers from 132-152, and would love to capture those four weights if North is going to do damage in that 106-126 stretch. North has some solid wrestlers here though, with Nate Pujols and Chris McCarthy both ranked. The potential Pujols/Shay Addison will be a key bout that both teams will badly want.

Up top, the toss, and what happens at the scale, will be huge. You have to assume the Bulldogs would love to get Nick Addison, who was 4th in the State last season, on Nico Cerbo, while North would probably like to avoid that matchup. Probably, a long shot, but there is the possibility of an Addison vs Jacob Anderson matchup, but in what could be a tightly contested dual, both teams may prefer to put those teams in position to score bonus, as opposed to risking the one on one. Should be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

 Rumson Bulldogs
WGT  Middletown North Lions
 (Fr) Will Grossarth  (0-1)
 #1 (Jr) Tyler Klinsky  (16-0)
 (Fr) Aidan Shaughnessy  (9-4) 113
 #3 (Jr) Thomas O'Keefe  (11-2)
 (Jr) Tristan Izzo  (10-6) 120
 #4 (Jr) Fred Luchs  (12-4)
 (Fr) Logan McGinn  (5-8) 126
 (Jr) Enrico Astorino  (2-3)
 #9 (Fr) Shay Addison  (14-3) 132
 #7 (Sr) Nate Pujols  (11-5)
 #4 (So) Max Brignola  (14-1) 138
 #10 (Jr) Chris McCarthy  (11-5)
 #10 (So) Tyler Brignola  (12-4) 145
 (Jr) Mike Puzo  (1-8)
 #6 (Jr) Mike Ponenti  (12-5) 152
 (Fr) Shaun Sullivan  (6-9)
 (So) Jack Kelly  (11-5) 160
 (Jr) Gabe Lubrano  (5-9)
 (Sr) Curtis Factor  (2-5) 170
 (Sr) Caleb Dean  (3-8)
 #1 (Sr) Nick Addison  (15-0) 182
 #10 (So) Nico Cerbo  (10-4)
 #10 (Jr) Liam Horan  (10-3) 195
 #2 (Sr) Jacob Anderson  (13-2)
 (So) Von Factor (5-2) 220
 (Jr) Andrew Kanski  (5-8)
 (Sr) Evan Davis  (8-2) Hwt
 (So) John Cutrtell  (0-2)

Previous 5 Matches
2018: Middletown North  48-19
2017: Middletown North  65-18
2016: Middletown North  69-9
2015: Middletown North  52-16
2014: Middletown North  67-9

Despo: Middletown North  33-32
Anonymous: Rumson  31-26